Toast to the Intoxicating.

In our first days of exploring the space at 1635 Main Street, we discovered a trunk dating back to the early 1920’s in the corner of the basement.  Included in this treasure chest was a gold-embossed calling card bearing a woman’s name: Lula Drake.

We scrapped together parts of her life story with the rest of the trunk’s contents; others, we filled in through conversations with those who knew her.

Lula Drake was a trailblazer.  She owned her own hat shop in a business world dominated by men.  She matured early, and married late.  She went by Drake, never Lula.  She preferred dark colors to pastels.  And yet, she cut newspaper clippings on how to be a lady.  Drake was full of contradictions, probably called the town eccentric.  We bet she never minded.

This is a gathering place for the Drake in all of us.  A place to share old memories and create new ones.  A place for wine enthusiasts, sure.  But also iconoclasts, romantics, professionals, students, gossips, stoics, local legends.  And of course, those just passing through.


A wino, a hophead and an accountant walk into a bar.

Although it wasn’t a bar, not then. Just an abandoned building not two doors down from Tim’s day job as director and founder of Mad Monkey, Inc. And, a building earmarked for someone else’s restaurant concept. When that deal fell through, fate (or perhaps, more aptly, dumb luck) intervened. Tim signed the lease first, thought through logistics later. And when he did, only one business model made sense: call in the Brothers Gardner.

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Tim Gardner


Tim Gardner fell for the grape while in grad school at UCLA. He later trained as a CSW, Certified Sommelier, and following years of study and travel, he received his Diploma from The International Sommelier Guild. Tim spent several years blending Spanish wines for a US import company. Weird Factoid: He once chose wines for Presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.